Supporting Families

PUP Reading

PUP Reading gives parents of children ages birth-9 the tools, resources and personalized information they need to learn more about their children's developing reading skills today, and to track progress going forward.


Encouraging Your Child to Read / Fomentado la Lectura en tus Hijos, a reading milestone booklet produced by Harvard Graduate School of Education for the documentary Waiting for "Superman." 



Developing Reader's Journey, a diagram of a developing reader's journey from birth to age 9, including typical milestones and ways adults can support children's language and reading.

Helping Your Teen Achieve a College-Educated Future /   Ayuda a tu Hijo Adolescente a Conseguir un Futuro Universitario

Applying to college can be a confusing and overwhelming process. But if you start planning now, college can be in your teen's future. Use this guide and the resources below for help!